Adam Garcia
BFA in Graphic Design
Freelance Graphic Designer

When Nike sought, then hired Garcia, he warned: "I don't know anything about sports, or shoes!"

Fortunately, Nike is more than just shoes—and Garcia "was incredibly interested in the new challenging world; I wanted to learn about creating products on a global scale and working in a design powerhouse. I'd like to think they hired me for my passion."

The world saw the effect of Garcia's passion when Nike appeared at the 2012 Summer Olympics. "The design knowledge I got at MCAD defines market placement via geography, color, [and] material application," he recalls. Consequently, Garcia's work now defines an entire marketing environment, a branded setting for his employer.

Garcia still has a footprint in his native Minneapolis. Long involved with music as well as design, he creates for the local hip hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment, and "a music/design/events collaborative based in Minneapolis called 'Wants VS Needs.'" He also creates gallery-based independent works.

He's excited by where design could go next. "I think the 'next' in graphic design is already here! I'm seeing more and more merging of disciplines, and creation of interesting solutions on a global scale. My next step is to surprise myself, stay inspired, and teach and hopefully inspire others."