Adam Hoppus
BFA in Animation
Illustrator and Designer

Starting as an intern at Target Corporation, Adam Hoppus first applied his animation-based caricature skills to some snowboard designs. Now, almost to his own surprise, he's a Senior Designer there, and "I've probably put my mark on around 3-400 products at Target...About 95% of the products I've worked on have hit the stores."

"I realized quickly how a creative mind and good technical skills were huge assets," he notes. Beyond the drawing skill were the larger challenges about the functions of anything being designed - from storage products to garden accessories to kids' party ware. Now, because he's done more than just draw, Hoppus holds a few utility patents, which are rights to the unique process in how something is built, or how it works.

His regular delight is to envision actual people for his creations, by connecting with an imagined user. "I work on a ton of kids' products. For example - is this a boy who wants to be cool like his older brother? Then I need to make it aggressive but safe, so the mom feels okay with buying it."