Alumni Careers

Alexei Tylevich and Ben Conrad ’94

Motion Graphics Designers
Graphic Design

Design ubiquity means seeing everything, being seen everywhere. It's one way to describe Ben Conrad and Alexei Tylevich.

As an MCAD photo student, Conrad once crafted a "camera suit" for himself; enrobed in dozens of handmade cameras, he captured 360-degree views long before Google drove its camera trucks around.

As an MCAD design student in 1993, Tylevich animated a welcoming sequence for an international "Electronic Arts" symposium hosted by the college. He pushed the software of the time way beyond its limits, showing robot surgeons operating on a detailed, comically gory body.

Tylevich and Conrad eventually founded Logan, a global design studio specializing in unique motion graphics. Maybe you've seen their work?—those silhouetted dancers showing us the glories of music over an iPod? They're ubiquitous!

Logan now shapes design identities for Nike, Apple, Casio, Reebok, Sony, VW, and multiple music artists. The work is always distinctive—ornately comics-based, or sleekly modern, or magically implausible. They've shown a faucet made of water for Kohler, and brought words to physical life for the movie Zombieland. They work in Los Angeles and New York, but they're seen everywhere.


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