Angela Strassheim
BFA in Photography
Professional Photographer

Angela Strassheim is a New York based photographer drawing inspiration from her career as a trained and licensed forensic photographer.

“All my work is set in the domestic sphere,” Angela Strassheim claims. Yet for her, “domestic” means both devout suburban families as well as unexplained violence in banal murder sites. She welcomes these dualities: couldn’t that suburban home also be a little unsettling? Wasn’t there once love in that ratty apartment?

Strassheim’s major early-2000s color photo series, “Left Behind,” showed those calm suburban families, some of them her own extended family members. The works were featured in the 2006 Whitney Biennial. Her more recent project, the “Evidence” portfolio, uses nighttime and special forensic chemicals to reveal remnants of murders on forlorn walls.

Her interests come from unique training. Strassheim started in the Midwest, worked in Miami, studied further at Yale, and ended up in New York. In Miami she became a trained and licensed forensic photographer, witnessing over one thousand autopsies. Her images find an unsettling middle ground between truth and drama.