Bill Rude
BFA in Filmmaking

“My body of work as a whole is probably unavoidable,” says Bill Rude, who at 6’4” is hard to miss in person. On the big or small screens, however, his behind-the-scenes work really stands out.

“I’m all over basic cable,” he explains, citing his titles or animated illustrations for VH1, MTV, the Discovery and History Channels. Or he could be referring to his costume-consultation and creation work for feature films (Milk) and premium cable (True Blood). Then again, he could be referring to the special effects he created for the series Ghost Whisperer.

Rude is constantly employed because he’s constantly curious. Using his film major from MCAD, plus an MFA from University of Southern California, he makes his own retro films set in a “parallel pop universe” of rockabilly/horror adventures. But he’s also largely self-taught in animation, costume creation, and website design. On his own terms, he also paints posters for 1950s horror movies that never existed: “Some artists are driven to make the world a better place; I’m driven to draw monsters.”