David Bowden
BFA in Filmmaking


"Covering the news," can also lead to making the news. Dave Bowden went straight from MCAD into work as a cameraman-editor, first, in the WCCO0TV newsroom, then as the eyes of their I-Team and documentary unit, in 1985 helping win a Columbia-Dupont Award, the highest honor in broadcast news. Then he roamed the globe working for PBS's, "News Hour" and "Frontline" series. He's also won two Emmys for recent Colorado-based shows.

Along the way, Bowden gained an interest in writing and producing on his own terms, focusing on health, science, and environmental issues. His Sustainable Media Network creates education and promotional videos on energy and natural resource topics such as solar and wind power, oil use, and water conservation.

Concerns around energy use became "the linch-pin" to a wider career away from the camera. Skilled at writing and explaining, he has used print and video in multiple roles - as President (2004) of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society and Executive Director (2008-09) of the National Association for the Study of Peak Oil.