Deborah Bell
MFA in Visual Studies


As vice president and head of the photographs department of Christie’s in New York, I primarily receive or pursue consignment offers for photographic work, which includes a lot of travel. Once we agree to auction a set of pieces, my department will also produce a catalog and exhibition before the photographs are auctioned.

I grew up in St. Paul and worked as a tour guide at the Walker Art Center during my high school years. Despite some in my family recommending a general liberal arts degree, I knew that art school was the right place for me. While working at the Walker, I’d heard good things about MCAD and was accepted to the photography program.

The campus was growing when I arrived—they had just broken ground for the new Main Building. Most of all, I remember the generosity of MCAD’s faculty. It was clear they were dedicated artists, and they made a big impression on me. They were practitioners, as well as teachers, and instilled the sensibility, focus, and passion necessary for me to become a successful artist.