Kyle Phillips
Interactive Multimedia

Do you know where your tax money goes? Kyle Phillips can help show you.

Phillips is the creative director of Knowledge Visualization Systems (KVS) in Minneapolis, and finds ways to bring information alive—like the "What you pay for" website that visually breaks down a person's income into government budget items. Or the graphic arrangement of complex medical data from over 3,000 people with a rare disease, a current team project.

Phillips works with both rigorous programming and open-ended graphic and interactive design. He can make a website's surface respond to your touch, or a lighting display react to your presence. His work at MCAD predated today's interactive touch screens and Microsofts's Kinect videogame sensor.

He hopes for groups of people to realize they're all together in a creative experience. "Interactive architecture is a big one," he enthuses. "How do our spaces change when they can respond to us or even become an extension of our personalities? You can have a pretty design—but more importantly, you can feel like you're inside the information."