Renda Morton
BFA in Interactive Multimedia

Starting art school, Renda Morton was prepared to major in graphic design or photography, two of MCAD's most popular fields. But interactive design was relatively new then, and Morton "found out about interactive. I really liked it; it was a great fit for me."

For Morton, the appeal in designing websites or apps is that she can also create or reference older design formats. Together with creative partner Andy Pressman at Rumours, their forward-looking studio in Brooklyn, Morton encourages readers and user to think "across platforms." So for example, in a website design for American Craft magazine, Morton ditched the typical menu listings to use images of her own hands, flipping through the physical pages of the publication.

This playful approach exemplifies Rumours' strategy of re-thinking every new project. "The simplest idea I have," she explains, "is to take advantage of the medium. I always try to consider: why is this on the Internet?"

In 2010, Morton was a consultant for the New York Times Magazine on a new iPad-based app. Based partly on that inspiring experience, she notes that "interactions are becoming both really small and really big. People want to be able to do things quickly and easily on phones and other mobile devices, and they also want immersive workspaces and entertainment experiences."