Scott Seekins
BFA in Graphic Design
Freelance Painter

It seems as if every Minneapolitan makes their own Scott Seekins discovery. Stray sightings of a mustachioed, black-haired person in a headband accumulate, until eventually you realize that's the same guy, always, whether in a white suit (for summer) or black suit (for winter).

For decades now, Seekins has made himself a work of art. Tirelessly walking, he appears, day and night, in all kinds of settings, from ordinary shops to the hippest clubs. What the casual spotter might not realize, though, is that Seekins really is a painter, with additional talents. He regularly paints himself into cryptic narrative moments, sometimes with Adam and Eve or celebrities like Madonna. But he also makes these paintings evocative of different eras of art. This talent led one critic to note that Seekins's works are wish-fulfillment fantasies of the audience as well, as if we'd all wished we could be on hand for many wonderful moments. He's like "the Where's Waldo of Minneapolis," this critic concluded.

Seekins's bonus interests may surprise the casual observer; he's an expert on both fly fishing and the construction of detailed model-railroad accessories. He's also perennially low on funds, but has many friends and is always on the move. Unlike so many of us, Seekins really does "do it all for art." As he told an interviewer, "My thing is irony and passion. I don't go for art that is cold and detached."