Senator Linda Berglin
BFA in Graphic Design
Senator, Graphic Designer, Civil Servant

State Senator Linda Berglin used her BFA right out of MCAD, as both a self-employed and staff graphic designer, at one point working for the Minneapolis Planning Department.

Her entry into politics came out of her small business experience, but also from additional concerns for health care, aging, and community issues. Berglin was first elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 1972, and reelected for three more terms, when she then ran for and won as a State Senator in 1980.

She's been reelected every term since, and then in Summer 2011 she was hired by Hennepin County to be a Health Program Manager. This honors her mastery of such issues, as noted by both colleagues and journalists. Is it surprising, then, that she's also been a quilter, patching disparate swatches into a unified design? She also makes art scarves in a more free hand fashion.