What forms of payment are accepted at the MCAD Art Sale?

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

What is sold at the MCAD Art Sale?

Thousands of original artworks by current MCAD students and alumni who have graduated within the last five years. Expect to find paintings, prints, photographs, sculpture, furniture, toys, clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more.

Do the profits go to MCAD?

Eighty percent of every dollar goes directly into the pockets of the artists and the remaining twenty percent covers the cost of producing the event. All additional donations made at checkout or proceeds from the Art Sale Altruists Club are dedicated to the MCAD Art Sale Endowed Scholarship fund. Any additional proceeds from the event are dedicated to the NOW Scholarship program to immediately benefit current students in the form of tuition assistance.

Do all artists split the proceeds evenly?

No. Artists earn from the sales of their own work.

What is the price range of the artwork?

The average price for all sales is consistently around $100. Student artists are limited to pricing their work at no more than $1,000 per piece. Alumni artists are limited to a maximum of $1,500 per piece.

Who usually attends the sale?

Everyone from serious collectors who know what they're looking for to browsers who are curious to see what MCAD is all about to gifters who are getting in some early holiday shopping. Because it's MCAD, people know they'll find leading-edge work created by artists who can forecast trends.

How did the sale get started?

It was started by staff members as a way to celebrate MCAD students and connect them to the community.

Can I take my family/children to this event?

Of course! Saturday is perfect for family shopping. Admission is free, the hours are longer, and there are oftentimes activities for kids to participate in. Families are also welcome Thursday and Friday, but keep in mind that everyone, except infants, needs a ticket.

Are all the works original?

Absolutely—and nothing makes for a better gift than an original piece of artwork.

What kind of work sells the most?

Paintings, prints, and photographs are usually the most popular items but this changes slightly from year to year.

How many students attend MCAD?

Around 800 students are currently enrolled in MCAD's academic programs.

Does MCAD offer any other community events during the year?

MCAD offers free visiting artist lectures and gallery exhibitions all year long. The college also offers continuing education classes for adults and programs for kids and teens. In addition, the college holds an art auction each spring, featuring works by distinguished alumni, faculty, and friends from the past several decades, with proceeds supporting the MCAD Scholarship Fund.


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