Xee Vang shows her designs at Full Fashion Panic

Xee Vang shows her designs at Full Fashion Panic, a component of Mechademia.

Exploring the global innovations and creative and cultural implications of Japanese anime and manga.

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The internationally recognized three-day conference Mechademia combines the vibrancy of fan practices, a fashion show, and anime screenings with presentations and discussions of academic papers, resulting in an enriching and unique experience.

Since its inception in 2001, Mechademia (formerly SGMS) has become a center for discussion of the cultural study, creation, aesthetics, sociology, fascination and wonder of the remarkably broad range of objects and practices that have developed around the global proliferation of Japanese manga and anime. It was also the birthplace of the now internationally praised Mechademia book series published by the University of Minnesota Press.

Over the years, Mechademia participants have gained access to notable experts across a wide range of perspectives, including:

  • Paul Benjamin
  • Helen McCarthy
  • Susan Napier
  • Patrick Drazen
  • Christopher Bolton
  • Sharon Kinsella
  • Masami Toku
  • Antonia Levi
  • Brent Allison
  • Brian Ruh
  • Marc Hairston
  • Udon
  • Trina Robbins
  • Peter Paik
  • Crispin Freeman
  • C.B. Cebulski
  • Jeremy Ross
  • Wendy Siuyi Wong
  • Tim Lehman
  • Phil Anderson
  • Ke Jiang
  • Erik Lervold
  • Lea Hernandez
  • Frenchy Lunning
  • Samantha Rei
  • Verssen Werks