Jay Coogan


January 30, 2017

To the MCAD Community,

I am writing you in response to the immigration actions taken on Friday by President Trump. President Trump signed an executive order calling for a 90-day restriction on entry into the United States for individuals from seven countries with Muslim majorities. The countries identified are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. His order also suspended the United States Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days.

These actions go against the core principles of our country. America was found by people seeking freedom from religious persecution and we have had a longstanding commitment to the acceptance of refugees from war torn nations. It is especially disheartening to see him separate Muslims and Christians from entrance to the U.S. in this edict. Americans all came to the U.S. as immigrants or refugees at one point in our family histories.

I want you to know that MCAD stands in support of all of its students regardless of nationality. We value the diversity of MCAD and seek to be inclusive of people of all backgrounds and belief systems. We also believe in freedom of expression of all points of view with regard to political or other societal issues.

We stand by our students, faculty and staff during this period of uncertainty. Our first priority has been to inform and support members of the MCAD community who may be affected. MCAD’s International Programs Office has been in touch with all our international students. We have only one student on campus from one of those identified countries. I don’t believe we have any staff or faculty who will be affected.

At this point, we don’t know of any MCAD community members that have been blocked from returning to the U.S. as a result of this executive order. It is strongly advised that members of our community who may be affected to stay in the U.S.

Thus far this order has created confusion at airports, turmoil for affected families, evoked protests, and been legally challenged. As a result of this order being challenged by the ACLU and a variety of other legal organizations there have been some lessening of the impact of the order as it relates to holders of green cards.

MCAD is committed to principles of diversity, equity and inclusion. We support a learning environment that values success for everyone and the freedom to express your views on campus and beyond. Our current exhibitions in the main and second floor galleries are strong examples of that belief.


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Jay Coogan


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