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Minneapolis, MN—The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, already nationally known for hosting the largest college art sale in America, takes the next step and inaugurates an art auction. Featured works by distinguished alumni, faculty, and friends from the past several decades will be auctioned with proceeds supporting the MCAD Scholarship Fund.

“If MCAD is a laboratory for artists,” says Jay Coogan, MCAD president, “this auction will showcase what happens ten, twenty, thirty years out. The Twin Cities pride themselves on being a creative community, and this auction is about being a part of this vibrant art and design community.”

Proceeds from the auction, which will take place June 7 in the MCAD Main Gallery, will support the college’s scholarship fund. “We want to make MCAD artists accessible to the community,” says Leslie Berkshire, MCAD board member and auction committee co-chair. “This is a way to expand MCAD’s reach in the community and develop more visibility—as well as support the scholarship fund for students.”

This isn’t the first time that MCAD has held an art auction: alumni and friends may remember major auctions held at MCAD in the early 1990s. “In a way, we’re creating a new event” with the upcoming auction, says Coogan, “but we’re also picking up a tradition.” Opening bids for work in the auction will range from $800 to $3,000.

Alumni Cy DeCosse ’52, who has donated two of his photographs for the auction, believes the MCAD Scholarship Fund provides necessary funding for aspiring artists. “MCAD provided me with a lot of support when I was a student. The Auction gives me the opportunity to give back and help the new generation of artists.” DeCosse credits MCAD with giving him the necessary foundation for a long and successful career in business and fine art.

Prospective buyers will have the opportunity to preview works online at mcad.edu/auction before the bidding begins. This won’t be just another charity auction, says Berkshire: it will be a celebration of the MCAD community, for the benefit of current and future students. “This auction will be special because every work of art available has a connection to MCAD.”

The Auction Details

Theme: Bid. Buy. Collect.
When: Friday, June 7, 7:30 p.m.
Where: MCAD Main Gallery
Tickets: $125, available online May 1 at mcad.edu/auction
Online Auction: Bidding begins May 31 at mcad.edu/auction
Special Guest: Genevieve Gorder, HGTV designer, judge, and producer
Sponsor: US Bank

Contributing Artists

  • Kinji Akagawa ’68
  • Nadia Alenov ’10
  • Michael Banning ’04
  • Erik Benson ’96
  • Garrett Bergemann ’10
  • Ute Bertog ’05
  • Michael Bigger
  • Allen Brewer
  • Richard Brewer ’69
  • Julie Buffalohead ’95
  • Nancy Carlson ’76
  • James Casebere ’76
  • Ed Charbonneau ’06
  • Santiago Cucullu ’99
  • J.M. Culver ’06
  • Cy DeCosse ’52
  • JonMarc Edwards ’83
  • Gregory Euclide ’08
  • Samantha French ’05
  • Frank Gaard
  • David Goldes
  • Mary GrandPré ’05
  • Aaron Hauck ’05
  • Doug Henders ’83
  • Steve Henke
  • Julie Jilek ’05
  • Bethany Kalk ’05
  • Mark Knierim ’95
  • James Kielkopf ’65
  • Dean Koutsky ’57
  • Michael Kareken ’82
  • Brian Lee ’08
  • Vince Leo
  • Kristen Lowe ’88
  • Margie McGee-Newton ’99 MFA
  • Rod Massey ’71
  • Patrick Miller ’02
  • George Morrison ’43
  • Joseph D.R. OLeary ’92
  • Rhea Pappas ’08
  • Mike Perry ’03
  • Howard Quednau
  • Clinton Rost ’04
  • Amy Sands
  • Rik Sferra
  • Paul Shambroom ’78
  • Miriam Schapiro
  • Jennie Smith ’04
  • Aaron Spangler ’93
  • Angela Strassheim ’95
  • Carolyn Swiszcz ’94
  • Shen Wei ’03
  • Sarah Wieben ’04
  • Jody Williams
  • Dean Wilson
  • Angela Zammarelli ’07
  • Ulana Zahajkewycz ’03

MCAD Scholarship Fund

Scholarships open doors for young people and help them launch their careers in the creative economy. Proceeds from The Auction support the MCAD Scholarship Fund. Over 95% of MCAD students receive some sort of financial aid; it is the difference between realized ambition and deferred dreams. This year, MCAD awarded nearly half a million dollars in scholarships to aspiring artists and designers. The MCAD Scholarship Fund allows the community to actively support creativity and innovation.

About MCAD

Recognized nationally and internationally for its innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to visual arts education, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design is home to nearly eight hundred students pursuing bachelor of fine arts, bachelor of science, or master of fine arts degrees. MCAD’s faculty are leaders in the art and design community, guiding and inspiring students to produce creative and purposeful work that distinguishes them in their fields and fuels the entrepreneurial economy.

Bid, Buy, and Collect with a Purpose

Online bidding begins: May 1 mcad.edu/auction

Digital images available upon request.