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"I donate to MCAD because I feel very strongly that the world needs art. We use art to document events in time, communicate new ideas, and make the world a more beautiful place. I want my donation to help future students reach their full potential. When the creative mind is challenged, nurtured, and given the opportunity to grow, we all benefit. MCAD is on my permanent giving list as long as I am able to give."


—Toni Dachis '78


There are many ways of supporting the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. These can be with non-cash gifts, life insurance, or even in-kind. These gifts can be a wonderful and meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of current students. No matter what type of support you provide, you can feel confident that you are providing unique opportunities to our students, which will help continue the tradition of creativity and passion that MCAD is known for. Here are some other ways to give:

Non-Cash Gifts

Donors can make a significant gift to MCAD even if their assets are not primarily cash. MCAD can work with gifts of all kinds to advance the college’s mission and meet the needs of the donor. Examples of non-cash gifts include:


Donating appreciated securities results in a charitable tax deduction and the reduction or avoidance of capital gains.

Real Estate

Deed a property to the college now, or make arrangements for a gift that allows you to use the property during your lifetime while receiving a charitable tax deduction.

Personal Property

Art, collections, and artifacts can be very meaningful gifts to the college. For gifts valued over $5,000, the IRS requires an independent appraisal to establish the charitable tax deduction.

Life Insurance

Naming MCAD as a primary or secondary beneficiary of an insurance policy is a very simple way to give a significant gift. This can be done with an existing policy or by establishing a new one.

Give Back with Time

MCAD hosts a number of events that require volunteer support. Your time and expertise can help us do more to show the community at large the importance and value of an MCAD education. To volunteer for an MCAD event, please email alumni@mcad.edu.

Give Back with Services

The needs of an organization like MCAD are broad and far-reaching. A gift of services helps us maintain a frugal budget that contributes as much funding as possible to the student experience. If you would like to make a gift of services to MCAD, please contact institutional_advancement@mcad.edu with details about the donation you are interested in making.

Join the Art Sale Altruist Club

The Art Sale Altruist Club is a new and special program of giving for students and alumni who participate in the Art Sale. Learn more about this outstanding program.

For more information on these other ways to give, contact info@mcad.edu.

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