Supporting Scholarships at MCAD

"My husband Brent and I are huge supporters of both the arts and education—when the two go hand in hand it really speaks to me. The staff at MCAD are committed to taking a multi-disciplinary approach and building one of the top art and design schools in the country. We donate to help further the development of creative thinking, real-world skills, and tremendous artistic talent at this Twin Cities gem."

—Mitzi Magid, Trustee

MCAD is the preeminent art and design educator in the region and a strong national leader in areas such as fine arts, graphic design, and comic art. Through academic programs and community programs MCAD transforms the world through creativity and purpose.

Why Does MCAD Need Scholarships?

While MCAD’s tuition falls well within the mid-range of institutions of its size and caliber, many aspiring artists and designers of tremendous promise cannot afford the full cost of an MCAD education—97% of MCAD students receive some sort of financial aid.

Scholarships open doors of opportunity for young people and help them launch careers in the creative economy.

What Types of Scholarships Are Offered?

There are three ways to provide scholarship support to students at MCAD:

  • Endowed Scholarship Funds*

    Endowed Scholarship Funds* at MCAD are established with a contribution of $25,000 or more. These permanent funds keep giving each year; they also keep growing since only a portion of the income they generate is awarded annually in scholarship support.

    Often, endowed scholarship funds also honor a family member, mentor, or friends of the college and may be funded with a single gift, gifts over a number of years, or a bequest.

  • Annual Scholarships*

    Some donors provide scholarship support on an annual basis. Individuals, corporations, and foundations can create named annually renewable funds by committing $2,000 or more for four or more years. These funds will be expended in full each year and therefore earn no income.

  • NOW Scholarships**

    Even with financial aid packages that include scholarships, work-study, and loans, some students struggle to cover the remaining costs of their MCAD educations. Juniors and seniors are particularly at-risk for falling behind, as they have added expenses associated with projects and exhibitions. In most cases, a one-time NOW Scholarship of $3,000 will enable these hard-working students to avoid defaults and achieve their academic dreams.

*Donors may establish award criteria (Minimum GPA, area of study, etc.) or may allow the college to distribute funds based on student need. Contributions to endowed scholarship funds do not qualify for President’s Circle Membership.

**NOW Scholarship contributions qualify for the President’s Circle Membership.

How Can I Give?

To endow a scholarship, establish an annual scholarship fund, or provide current students with immediate NOW Scholarship support, contact Cindy Theis, Director of Development, at 612.874.3777 or

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