Sponsor a New MCAD Student

Hello, MCAD alumni, faculty, and staff members!

Almost 200 new MCAD students from across the Twin Cities and beyond will arrive on campus later this month. As they take this exciting step in their creative journey, we want to highlight MCAD’s welcoming and supportive environment. As part of the MCAD community, you realize the importance of those personal gestures that say, “We are excited you’re a part of the MCAD community!”

This fall we are continuing the tradition of welcoming each new MCAD student by presenting them with a Welcome Kit, which includes a Moleskine notebook, pencil set, and more. This is your chance to help welcome new artists into the MCAD fold!

By participating in this exciting initiative, your donation of just $30 provides a new student with a kit of their own, which reflects the kind of amazing community we have here at MCAD.

I hope you will join other alumni, faculty, and staff members as we support our new students! Would you consider giving $30, $60, or even $150 to support the next generation of creatives?

Thank you for considering being a part of this important effort!
Ariene Willkom
Director, Alumni and Annual Giving

P.S.: Students arrive on August 29—so please donate ASAP!

YES! I would like to gift $30

YES! I would like to gift $60

YES! I would like to gift $150