Cheryl Smythe Publishes Debut Novel

Ashland Creek Press is delighted to announce the publication of a mystery novel by Cheryl Fischer ’80. Fischer's captivating debut novel, Falling into Green (forthcoming in May), is the first in an eco-mystery series featuring psychologist Dr. Esmeralda Green. A pilot for a TV series, based on the characters in the book, is also currently being developed.

About Falling into Green:
When a body is found below the crumbling cliffs near Dr. Esmeralda Green’s Los Angeles home,
Ez is pulled back in time to a childhood tragedy. As she begins to investigate the case, her sustainable lifestyle—from her hybrid car to her organic diet—is colliding with the man in her life, an attractive TV news reporter who drives, of all things, a Hummer. Swept into a maze of corporate corruption and family secrets, Ez finds that her intuition and psychological skills can only take her so far, and she finds herself falling deeper and deeper into danger.

Additional Information: