Natasha Pestich Named Artist of the Year by City Pages

Natasha Pestich was named an artist of the year by City Pages for her work as Jan Xylander, her fictional creation.

"Jan Xylander is a young painter and performance artist who splits his time between urban Minnesota and the state's northern woods. In his short career he has exhibited work all over the country, in venues as diverse as California's Davis Art Alliance and the Vacant Lot in suburban Chicago. He's collaborated with national design cooperatives such as Parallelogram Press. Perhaps you've seen the results of these print collaborations in the recent show the Opening Act: A Survey of Jan Xylander Exhibition Posters at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
Jan Xylander and his exhibition posters also happen to be the wholly fictional creation of Minneapolis printmaker Natasha Pestich. Xylander, the names of his collaborators, even the exhibition venues and their addresses: all works of fiction, created by Pestich and existing only on a few dozen beautifully screenprinted posters."

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