Quodlibetica's Quirky April Constellation Focuses on Word Play

In honor of the cruel and foolish month of April, Quodlibetica undergoes autocorrect to emerge as Wildly Erica, an issue dedicated to word play in all forms: cinepoetry and flarf, nano-memoirs and signs of the future, the cacophonous/mellifluous world of sound poetry, nonsense that makes sense, and general frolic on the ragged margin of understanding.

For this exceptional issue, contributors include Flarfist Elisabeth Workman, public-artist/poet Emily Lloyd, writer and musician Jay Orff, film scholar Rene Meyer-Grimberg as well as usual suspects: MN book-award winning poet Lightsey Darst, cultural studies scholar Thomas O. Haakenson, and aesthetic expert Christina Schmid. Have a look below.

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