Alumni Open New River Media Art Center

A number of MCAD alumni are banding together to open the new River Media Art Center in Winona, Minnesota, on May 3.

David Eberhardt ’93, a documentary filmmaker and photographer, is the man behind the mission. Drawn to the natural beauty of Winona and its history as a river town, he envisions the new center as an arts and cultural space that will benefit the community in addition to area artists.

"We want to provide a space for artists to develop and produce work free from the pressures of the commercial workspace. Artists working with us will be encouraged to exhibit their work in our galleries and show spaces, as well as internationally, through our vast network of art communities in Asia and Europe."

David Roth ’91, Shelly Mosman ’95, and Mike Dvorak ’96 are among the center's artist advisory board and Eric Anderson ’94, Lauri Lyons ’93, and past staff member Todd Larson are members of the board of directors. Eric Lin ’94 and MCAD professor Rik Sferra  also supporting the center.