Check Out MCAD Alumni's Card Company

Alumni Andrew Shannon and Jane Vardeman started their card company, Bench Pressed, in 2011 out of their apartment after buying a tabletop press from an old print shop. 

Since then, they have acquired a larger print press and moved their studio to what used to be Hamm’s Brewery on St. Paul’s East Side.

“I like to say we’re tongue in cheek with a little sweet. We’ve never been on one side of the fence without being able to go back to the other side. If we want to be snarky, we can. If we want to have some birds flying in the sky, we can do that, too.”

Their cards can be found on their website or in seventeen states, including Minneapolis outlets such as the Electric Fetus and Corazon.

Shannon and Vardeman are not only business partners; they are set to wed in December.

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