Congrats to Our State Arts Board Grantees!

A number of members of the MCAD community are recipients of 2014 Artist Initiative Grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board:

  • David M. Andree
  • Teresa Audet
  • Sara Belleau
  • Allison L. Bolah
  • Andrea Carlson
  • Kate Casanova
  • Jan Elftmann
  • Shannon L. Estlund
  • Alexa Horochoski
  • Michael Hoyt
  • Valerie S. Jenkins
  • Michael Kareken
  • Stephen Klassen
  • Kelley A. Meister
  • Desiree Olson
  • Janaki Ranpura
  • Carla A. Rodriguez
  • Areca Roe
  • Thomas L. Schroeder
  • Rebecca Silus
  • Lynn Speaker
  • Scott A. Szarkowicz
  • Xavier Tavera
  • Caitlin R. Warner
  • Britni West

From their website:

"These project grants are for artists at all stages of their careers. They support artistic development, nurture artistic creativity, and recognize the contributions individual artists make to the creative environment of the state of Minnesota."

Additional Information: