Jody Williams in Particula Obscura

The latest installation by faculty member Jody Williams honors the tradition of seventeenth-century Wunderkammen, the historical precursors to museums.

Unlike traditional cabinets, which often presented extensive collections in a haphazard manner, Williams's conceptual cabinet will display a select group of distilled elements with an austere aesthetic. Hinting at the botanical, the zoological, the alchemical, and the philosophical, Particula Obscura is divided into three sections: Dust, Earth and Air, and Flora and Fauna.

May 1 Update:
The Star Tribune has reviewed Williams's exhibition.

Each [of Williams's works] is a marvel of observation, be it the sharp spines of a thistle, a dimpled rose hip, a translucent sea urchin shell, a loon feather or a crab claw. Williams isolates each object and renders it roughly life-size, enabling its solitary beauty to shine with singular grace.

Particula Obscura: A Cryptic Installation by Jody Williams

April 17–May 24
Form + Content Gallery (Google Maps)
Reception: Saturday, April 19, 6:00–9:00 p.m.

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