MCAD staff, faculty and alumni receive 2013 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grants

Several of MCAD’s staff, faculty and alumni received 2013 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative grants.

Teresa M. Cox, Continuing Education, was awarded $10,000 with which she will experiment with new media to create large-scale panel paintings. She will pursue exhibition venues and host an open studio to engage artists and the community in discussion.

David H. Eberhardt, BFA alum, was awarded $10,000 to create a book entitled Portraits and Landscapes from the Rails, using photos he shot in the 1990s to document the lives of hobos. He will present the work in multimedia lectures at Minnesota libraries, colleges, and community centers.

Gregory S. Ganeles, Drawing and Painting BFA alum, was awarded $8,000 to travel to Berlin, Germany to research Berlin’s street art and public art movements. Afterwards, Ganeles will give two public lectures at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

David S. Goldes, Media Arts faculty, was awarded $10,000 for his plan to use 19th century scientific discoveries as the basis for new photographic works, synthesizing the analysis of phenomena, the optimism of wonder, and the subjectivity of the viewer. He will give three lectures at high schools and exhibit his work at the Bakken Museum.

Amanda S. Hankerson, BFA alum, was awarded $10,000 to produce a portrait series featuring Americans who share her last name and to explore a link of their lineages to slaves and slaveholders. She will exhibit her work, sharing both her experiences working on the road as well as her technical process.

Melissa L. Loop-Anderson, BFA alum, was awarded $10,000 to travel to French Polynesia to research and gather materials for a body of work that will focus on colonialism and subjugation through the military and tourist industry. Loop-Anderson also plans to exhibit at Gallery 122 in Minneapolis.

Amanda I. Lovelee, MFA alum and adjunct faculty, was awarded $10,000 to create The Fort Project, a physical structure open to the public as a cultural space for artist talks, dinners, and fort construction workshops. As part of the project she will produce a ten-minute short about how to build the perfect fort.

Kristen M. Lowe, BFA alum and former faculty, was awarded $10,000 to create a documentary about four artists painting significant Minnesota landscapes. The piece will confront conflicts of weather, time constraints, and internal creative struggles.

Erika G. Ritzel, MFA alum, was awarded $10,000 to complete the project, Changing Hands, about estate sales and auctions. A book will be published to promote the work and she will give talks at community colleges in the Twin Cities and Rochester.

Brett Smith, Assistant Director for Student Activities, Student Affairs, was awarded $10,000 to create a mobile, interactive sculpture reminiscent of a sci-fi movie set to be displayed in public venues across the state.
Joseph P. Sinness, MFA alum, was awarded $10,000 to create and ready for exhibition ten to fifteen new drawings. The work will be exhibited in a Twin Cities gallery and he will give artist lectures at local colleges and universities.

Piotr M. Szyhalski, Media Arts faculty, was awarded $9,900 to present Public Print Works, a series of printed ephemera developed, produced, and disseminated during participatory events that are created around a collaborative community printmaking process.

Jody L. Williams, Adjunct Fine Arts faculty, will produce a limited edition artist’s book and a related series of relief boxes, combining cast bronze and plastic with paper and printing, for an exhibition at Open Book in downtown Minneapolis.


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