Molly Gates Featured on Mashable and MTV

Molly Gates ’14 was featured yesterday in a Mashable story (that was later picked up by MTV) about some rather unique products she sells on Etsy: human souls, or more specifically, celebrity souls.

Her shop SoulsRUs has a wide offering of "freshly reaped" souls, which currently includes those of Matthew McConaughey and Drake (the souls of Jennifer Lawrence and Ryan Gosling are unsurprisingly sold out).

At $15 a pop, and with Father's Day right around the corner, a Matthew McConaughey soul could just be the perfect gift for any True Detective-loving dads out there.

"Most of them go for $15 because that's the least I'm willing to charge ... unless that soul was Justin Bieber. He went for $7.62 because I wanted him out of my house."  —Gates

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