New Yorker, NY Times Praise David Goldes

Originally published March 4, 2014:
Pick up the latest issue of the New Yorker for a positive review of faculty member David Goldes's exhibition Electro-graphs.

Electro-graphs features paintings and drawings made through scientific process and experimentation and based on historical explorations of electricity. Goldes uses the conductive power of graphite combined with high-voltage currents to create his scorched artwork.

March 14 Update:
The New York Times has joined the New Yorker in praising Goldes's show.

"Whether you have ever appreciated the conductive properties of humble graphite, certainly you will after visiting David Goldes’s latest show."

If you're in New York be sure to catch this exhibition before it closes tomorrow.

Through March 15
Yossi Milo Gallery, New York (Google Maps)

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