In the last five years, more than 77% of MCAD graduates have found work in the areas they majored in.

This is no accident—MCAD’s advertising curriculum gets students focused on their careers early and enables them to successfully transition from student to professional.

Advertising professionals are the brains behind ads and campaigns you see on blogs, billboards, and everywhere in between; they’re responsible for bringing products and services into the public consciousness. Careers in the advertising field, which merge marketing objectives and creative process, are highly collaborative.


Potential Careers

Account Executive

Works as the liaison between accounts/clients and artists/creative people. Main duties are selling ideas, meeting client needs and interpreting them to creative staff, promotion and presentation of ideas, and new business acquisition.

Account Planner

Works as the link between the agency and the client. Depending on the size of the agency and the size of the account, this person may work individually or oversee a team. Pitches the agency's advertising campaign and works with client to meet needs and goals. Must understand client's products, sales process, market, competitors and previous advertising campaigns.

Art Director

Develop advertising ideas and execute them as visual campaigns. The primary purpose of these promotions is to sell products through radio, television, print graphics, and the web. Most art directors specialize in one area. They pull together a number of creative individuals such as copy editors, photographers, and sound experts who give direction on how the final product should look.


Creates the text or story for advertising campaigns. May also create slogans or product names.

Creative Director

Usually with an art director's background, this management/creative position is responsible for all creative persons (art directors, copywriters, etc.) while managing several advertising accounts or clients.

Graphic Designer

Designs logos, corporate identities, packaging, and label designs and works on designs and layouts for promotional magazines or brochures.


Creates visual assets such as pictures and typography for advertising campaigns. Once created, these assets are typically turned over to a graphic designer for implementation into the overall project.

Media Buyer

Chooses the venues or channels to expose the client’s products to correct target audience at an economical cost. Must be well versed in social media and websites as well as traditional media like television, radio, and billboards.

Media Planner

Ensures advertising campaigns are completed successfully, within the given deadline, and on budget. Coordinates the advertising team and works with the clients and stakeholders.

Production Artist

Design advertisements and place them in ad layouts for publication. This person works in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment.