MA in Sustainable Design, 2013

With a BS in industrial design from Western Michigan University, Stefanie Koehler has a traditional industrial design background, but she also has an inherent desire to "do more good" rather than just "doing less bad." Struck by how little she knew about materials and product life cycles, she pursued a MA in sustainable design at MCAD. She is one of the first graduates of this newly launched MA program.

Koehler has emerged from MCAD's MA program as a whole-systems thinker and aims to create solutions that work to regenerate our environmental, cultural, and creative global and local economies. She is also an avid sketcher and visual storyteller who has served as a multidisciplinary designer, strategist, woodworker, dog trainer, and active observer of behavior.

Koehler is forging a non-traditional career path working with small start-up projects, consulting as a biomimicry professional, and dabbling with higher education. Her projects include everything from product and packaging design to ideas for urban renewal and social entrepreneurship.

Master's Thesis:

"SolDrop Solar Still: The practice and application of biomimicry methodologies to design a more sustainable system for distilling water using solar energy." Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 2013.

Koehler's Thesis on the Web: