Interactive Design and Marketing Certificate

—A Fully Online Program

Take virtual courses. Gain real-world skills.

Hear from more current and former students.

Save the Commute for Your Day Job

Created for working professionals around the country and the world, courses in this program are taught entirely online. You can start in fall or spring and take two or three years to complete the ten courses in interactive design, development, and marketing.

Learn in the Environment You Love

If you want to work in the digital environment, shouldn’t you learn there too? Our asynchronous classes use the latest technology and offer flexibility within each week’s assignments to allow you to plan around your schedule. Plus, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to collaborate with colleagues. More >

Smaller Classes = Bigger Results

Even outside the classroom, small classes mean more focus on you. We limit online class sizes to encourage collaboration and so that all students receive personal attention from our experienced faculty, most of whom are actively working in the field.

Let Your Work Tell Your Story

By the time you complete the program, you’ll know how to create elegant and powerful designs for web and mobile apps that engage your target market with rich, multidimensional experiences. And you’ll be confident presenting your portfolio, thanks to an in-depth critique session with a committee of professional designers after you complete the first year of the program.

Launch Your Design Career

Talented, skilled interactive designers are in high demand. With a great portfolio and the connections you develop at MCAD, you’ll stand out to creative directors, recruiters, and others in the tech world. More >


Example Program Pathway

Fall Spring Summer
Web Design: Principles 3cr
Web Development:
HTML and CSS 3cr
Collaborative Workflows 3cr
Digital Marketing:
Projects Studio3cr
User Experience Design 3cr
Web Development:
Javascript and Jquery3cr
Web Design:
Branding and Systems3cr
Web Development:
PHP and Wordpress3cr
Internship 3cr

Course Descriptions

Required Courses 15
Total Credits 30