Pre-College Programs

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Pre-College Summer Session

The Pre-College Summer Session is a three-week, studio-intensive, residential program developed to provide high school sophomores through graduating seniors the chance to complete rigorous coursework and learn the critical skills to prepare them for college.

Students are able to choose their own major amongst four: graphic design, comic art, painting, or digital photography. Graduates of the program leave with three college credits and the confidence and experience necessary for any aspiring art student.


Post-Secondary Enrollment Option

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) gives high school students who are Minnesota residents the opportunity to take courses at colleges and universities while still attending high school.

Enrollment must occur during the fall and/or spring semester of a student's senior year. Students who live more than fifty miles from MCAD may apply to take classes through the online PSEO program. MCAD allows PSEO students to take one three-credit course per semester for up to two semesters. These credits are transferable to MCAD's BFA and BSc degree programs.