In the last five years, more than 77% of MCAD graduates have found work in the areas they majored in.

This is no accident—MCAD’s sculpture curriculum gets students focused on their careers early and enables them to successfully transition from student to professional.

Sculpture is one of the oldest art forms that is still practiced today. Sculptors manipulate materials to make forms for private collectors, corporations, public spaces, museums, and galleries. Top artists can use their work to connect with and engage the senses of the public.


Potential Careers

Art Critic

Cultivate an informed opinion and unique voice. Put what’s new into context to entertain and inform your readers.

Foundry Manager

Cast new materials and new products every day. Coordinate production schedules, staff, and resources.

Installation Artist

Create site-specific, three-dimensional works designed to transform the perception of a space. This can include temporary and permanent installations in museums, galleries as well as public and private spaces.


Teach through doing and train your students to find the unique moments that combine maximum creativity and focus.

Sculpture Installation Consultant

Work with public and private clients to research, identify, secure, and install sculptural works. Assist with calls for proposals. Visit artist studios and galleries. Collaborate with landscape architects.