MFA students, faculty, and alumni are an active component of the contemporary and vibrant creative community in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Completing your MFA degree allows you to join professional and/or academic life, having mastered your discipline as a practitioner.


Potential Careers

Exhibiting Artist

Creates work for a museum or gallery which may be on display temporarily or as a part of the institution’s permanent collection. Exhibitions may be juried or invitational, such as the Whitney Biennial.

Fine Artist

Create original pieces of artwork through a variety of media. Sell work to individuals, galleries, interior designers, architects, libraries, community centers, churches, banks, hotels, government, and elsewhere.


Acquire, care for, develop, display, and interpret a collection of artifacts or works of art in order to inform, educate, and entertain the public.

Community Artist

Work with communities to improve their quality of life using a variety of art forms to explore relevant issues.


Teach classes either part-time or full-time at a college or university. May also design courses or assist with curriculum development.

Secondary School Teacher

Teach art, design, craft, and technology as part of curriculum. Inspire students to pursue their talents and instill a love of learning.

Visiting Artist

Work for a specified period of time at a school, college, museum, or center to demonstrate and teach techniques and processes in your field of expertise. May be short-term or up to a year-long appointment.