Financial Aid Eligibility

To be eligible for financial aid, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Be registered with Selective Service, if required
  • Be working toward an eligible degree or certificate
  • Make satisfactory academic progress
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.0
  • Not be in default on a federal education loan

Financial Aid Enrollment Status

The enrollment status is determined by the total credit hours attempted, the semester, the cumulative GPA, and the number of credit hours completed.

Enrollment Status



12 or more





Less than half-time

1–5  a


If you drop below half-time status or withdraw during a semester, you may have all or part of your financial aid for that semester pro-rated or canceled.

All students must be making satisfactory academic progress toward completion of an eligible degree or certificate and be enrolled at least half-time to remain eligible for federal funds.

aNo financial aid is available for those enrolled less than half-time.