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Pre-College Summer Session Program Fee

The full program fee is $3,300 and includes the following:

Tuition for Three MCAD College Credits

The Pre-College Summer Session replicates the type of coursework a first-year student would experience in an art and design school. The first two weeks are equivalent to the first weeks of the college term—students learn skills, programs, and techniques. The last week is comparable to the final week of the college term—final projects are planned, critiqued, and completed for a final student exhibition.

Students receive an aggregate letter grade (A–F) for work completed in all classes during the course of the three weeks, reported on an MCAD transcript as “Pre-College Summer Session.” Final grades are communicated to each student on an unofficial grade report, which is mailed shortly after the program finishes. Thereafter, official transcripts can be requested from MCAD Records.

For students who plan on applying to an MCAD undergraduate program, these credits will function as “elective credits.”

For students seeking credit for this program at another institution, it is recommended that students keep each of their course syllabi and documentation of all work completed during the program. Please note that this is an individualized process and that MCAD Continuing Education will provide the letter grade to the student, but it is the student’s responsibility to apply these credits to their appropriate high school or college program (if applicable). Credits are not guaranteed to transfer and are at the sole discretion of the home institution. Speak with a high school teacher, guidance counselor, or college advisor to see if this is an option.

Full Room and Board

Living on campus alongside fellow students and staff can be one of the most exciting, and crucial, aspects of personal and academic success during the program. As such, students are required to live on campus, but may leave periodically for outside visits (parental permission required for all students). Learn more about campus living.

Students are provided fully-furnished, single-gender student apartments located just across the lawn from the main classroom building. Apartments are shared between three or four students. Trained, upper-level MCAD student resident advisors serve as supportive on-campus resources, are available day and night, and reside in the same building as the students.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided through MCAD’s cafeteria, and special consideration can be provided to students with specific dietary needs.

All Required Supplies

While students are welcomed to bring their favorites materials, each student receives a complete set of supplies for all classes at check-in. Please note that students in the Graphic Design major who choose final projects above and beyond the individual printing allotment may be required to purchase additional printing credits at the MCAD Service Bureau.

Access to Facilities and Equipment

Studios are open until midnight during the week, and nighttime studios are fully staffed with teachers and provide some of the most intense and valuable working experiences. Students also have access to MCAD facilities such as the computer labs and on-campus printing bureau. Access to these facilities and resources allow students to explore the variety of majors and areas of study that MCAD has to offer.

Activities and Excursions

Renowned for its art, music, and theater scenes as well as its lakes, shopping, and food, Minneapolis is a unique place to work and play. In addition to campus life, Pre-College Summer Session students experience the summer excitement and cultural opportunities of the Twin Cities with supervised, off-campus trips. While excursions change every summer, they typically include visits to studios for firsthand glimpses at the lives and work of local artists, Minneapolis cultural events, local sights, and fun study breaks.

Mid-Program Portfolio Review

MCAD Admissions counselors will be on-hand during the program to provide a short portfolio review with each student. Students are encouraged to bring any other work they have completed outside of the program for review. While digital images on a laptop or flash drive may be easiest to transport, physical pieces are also permitted.

Final Program Graduation Ceremony and Gallery Exhibition

The program closes with a celebratory graduation ceremony and student gallery exhibition, which takes place the final Saturday evening of the program (program schedule provided at check-in). Friends and family are invited to attend. See last year’s ceremony and exhibition photos on Facebook.

The graduation ceremony offers students a chance to celebrate one another’s achievements, receive a Pre-College Summer Session diploma, and is when the exemplary students from the program are awarded a $1000 scholarship to attend the MCAD undergraduate program.

Students should anticipate the cost of shipping their work home themselves, if applicable.

Waived Undergraduate Application Fee

Participants in the Pre-College Summer Session program who apply to MCAD as an undergraduate will have their $50 undergraduate application fee waived. Students will receive an online coupon code along with their grade report shortly after the conclusion of the program.

Questions? Find more program information below or contact MCAD Continuing Education at or 612.874.3765.