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If you are currently attending a college or university and have been thinking about transferring to MCAD, or are hoping to return to a college environment after a few years away, our staff will be able to walk you through the application and enrollment process and alleviate any concerns or apprehensions you may have. Prospective students will apply as a Transfer student if they have graduated from a high school program, or an equivalent, and enrolled at a post-secondary institution.

MCAD welcomes and values transfer students, as they add experience, insight, and knowledge to our creative community. While we are intentionally selective with transfer credits, we will apply any credits that meet our criteria toward an eventual MCAD degree, including Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate, Pre-College/PSEO, and other accredited post-secondary institutions. To allow enough time for review of transcripts and portfolios, we recommend contacting an Admission Counselor for guidance as soon as you have made a decision to join our community.

Transfer students should follow all Applicant Dates and Deadlines as well as Application Requirements posted for undergraduate students.

All College Students

  • Making an appointment with an admissions counselor is the best way to determine credit transfer eligibility. Bring all of your transcripts to this meeting for an unofficial credit evaluation. This initial review is not binding, but it will give you a good idea of what credits may transfer to MCAD and how they fill our degree requirements. Once you are accepted for admission at MCAD, you will receive an official credit evaluation. MCAD will consider transferring in any liberal arts or studio arts credits that meet our curriculum requirements with a grade of “C” or better.

For Liberal Arts transfer credit

Liberal arts classes that are comparable to those taught at MCAD will be considered, including most art history, humanities, and language and social science courses. Course content is always considered when determining the transfer of credit and a course description is required in order to determine transfer eligibility.

For Studio Arts transfer credit

In most cases, transferring studio credits requires submitting a portfolio of additional work completed as part of the studio course. For example, if you intend to transfer in three studio courses, three separate transfer portfolios and a copy of each course syllabus would need to be submitted. For students entering fall semester, final materials for transfer, including final official transcripts and transfer portfolios, must be received before the last Friday of June. Students entering spring semester must submit transcripts, artwork and other materials needed for transfer credit before December 1. For students entering spring semester, in-progress work—including transfer portfolios—must be submitted and final official transcripts received by the first Friday in January.

Community College Students

  • We support transferring community college students toward their goal of earning a bachelor’s degree from MCAD, and to provide a smooth transition that minimizes loss of credit and duplication of coursework. MCAD's BFA and BSc degrees are designed to be completed in four years. Early communication with you will allow MCAD to determine when it is best for you to transfer; however, it is recommended that students transfer to MCAD after one year of community college attendance. We offer transfer guides that indicate the specific community college courses that may meet our foundation curriculum requirements. Although MCAD does not participate in the Minnesota transfer Curriculum (MnTC) or the Associate of Arts (AA), many of the courses in the MnTC or the AA also fulfill our requirements. Contact your admissions counselor for specific information regarding your college.

Transfer Guides