Alea Toussaint
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Graphic Design
Graphic Designer at Mono

Creativity runs in Alea Toussaint’s veins. It always has. Ever since she was a kid, design has been a part of her life. She’d start out each school year meticulously hand-lettering the name of each subject onto its assigned, color-coordinated folder.

Later, in college and after when she was looking for education jobs, her passion for the arts flourished. She realized that art could be much more than just a hobby when she was awarded an art internship at the American School of Madrid, Spain.

Toussaint loved being an art teacher in Spain, but she wanted to create art, not just teach it. So after three years abroad, she returned to the United States and enrolled at MCAD.

During her time at MCAD, Toussaint learned from outstanding visiting professors and instructors who worked in the field. Industry professionals—including the founder of Good Magazine and a design lead at the New York Times—were brought in to critique her work. Through the post-baccalaureate program’s rigorous curriculum, she honed her design and typography skills. Art became more than just a job; it became her career.

Toussaint landed an internship at Colle+McVoy and then worked her way up to a full-time associate designer. In her current role, she works on everything from augmented reality apps to package design to logos and identities to posters.

Today, she considers herself lucky to work with such talented individuals and within an environment that inspires her to never stop getting better.

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