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Amanda Lovelee

Amanda Lovelee
Visual Artist
Visual Studies

Amanda Lovelee ’10, MFA, is a visual artist based in Minneapolis. She is interested in how people connect and the spaces in which they do so within contemporary society. Her work, which mainly comprises video and photography and is presented as interactive public art events, weaves together data, stories, and personal experiences to create non-linear narratives about the fragility of human relationships. Her recent projects have explored myriad topics, including family history, the lives of beekeepers and ice fishermen, strangers’ love stories, and the sociology of square dancing. Currently, Lovelee is the City of St. Paul Artist in Residence, and she has shown work both internationally and across the U.S.

“My mentor and the other MCAD faculty members continually pushed and supported me to explore new avenues in my practice. I felt as if the program was equal push to support, which led to a very challenging two years, but it also provided me with a nurturing environment for growth. Although I am not from the Twin Cities originally, I have stayed here even after graduating, and I still have a strong relationship with the faculty and the school!”

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