Christy Oates
BFA in Furniture Design
Furniture Designer at RMS Laser

My passion is laser-cut wood marquetry—graphic designs cut into veneer. I recently completed my MFA in furniture design at San Diego State University. My thesis exhibition was written up in American Woodworker magazine, and some of my pieces were added to the permanent collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

I grew up alongside the furniture industry in an upholstery shop. I was living in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and selling really terrible furniture. I started researching schools with furniture design programs and found MCAD. When I visited for a tour, the 3D shop blew me away. I was hooked.

The entire experience at MCAD was incredible. My time as a resident assistant really connected me to everything that happened on campus. I knew everyone by name and was often in the shop late into the night. And the MCAD faculty taught me so much. I still use their lessons and insights in my work. Without their support and enthusiasm for my work, I wouldn’t be where I am today.