Emily Reile
Graphic Design
Art Director and Designer at Target

Previously a North Dakotan. Often a graphic designer. Always a corn dog connoisseur. Emily Reile goes by many titles: all of which she wears proudly.

Reile transferred to MCAD at the start of her sophomore year. Three years later, she was working at MCAD DesignWorks—MCAD’s in-house design studio—and graduating. (Did we mention she was even part of the duo who designed the 2011 commencement identity?) She went on to take up a list of freelance projects, including designing MCAD’s 2013–2014 Viewbook and branding a North Dakota-based mobile fashion boutique named Koo Koo’s Nest.

Reile’s talents soon led her to Target, where she added the title of associate art director to her résumé. Her projects have dealt with a range of topics, from Shaun White to Valentine’s Day, with responsibilities including both art direction and design.

From working on campus with ten designers at DesignWorks to joining a team of 200+ at Target Creative, Emily has appreciated the variety.

“I’ve enjoyed a host of design challenges, adventures, and exploits. I look forward to many more as I discover what lies ahead.”

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