Jeremy Basham
Interactive Design and Marketing Certificate
Interactive Designer

Jeremy Basham completed his undergraduate work in a non-creative field, but he could never quite shake the desire to work in design. For several years, he worked as a freelancer on the side but always felt he could do more if he had the right foundation and confidence.

During those years, Basham got married, became a dad, and worked several jobs that left him unfulfilled. He started looking for design schools near his home in Southwest Virginia, but could not find any programs that focused on digital design. Thankfully, he found the fully online interactive design and marketing program at MCAD and decided to apply.

After his first year and with the support of his program advisor, Basham applied for and was granted an internship at Modea—the largest digital agency in his area. A few months into that internship, he was offered a full-time position as an interactive designer on a newly launched product development team.

Basham continued to take two courses per semester and started to notice an overlap in his coursework and professional life—further proof that he had chosen the right academic program.

During his final year of courses, he was able to take on more responsibility at work, and now, having completed the program, he leads his team in user testing, user experience, and visual design.

"I was tired of working without a passion. I knew I loved design and could excel in the field if I had the right foundation. MCAD had the reputation, the convenience of online learning, and the well-rounded interactive program that I was looking for."

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