Alumni Careers

Joe Dressel ’07

Animator and Filmmaker

I’m an animator at a Minneapolis advertising agency and a semi-professional filmmaker. During the day, I create animations that regional and national companies use in commercials and trade-show displays. And during nights, weekends, and whenever I find the time, I might be shooting, editing, or promoting a new film. The last film my business partner and I created, Rough Tender, won Best Feature at the Minneapolis International Film Festival.

Originally, I attended the University of Minnesota, but the classes didn’t engage me. Some research into animation careers turned me on to MCAD because it has such a strong reputation. And it just kept coming up when I visited advertising agencies. I was able to transfer in my sophomore year.

It was a big adjustment to suddenly be surrounded by so many creative and hardworking people—it took a year and some faculty intervention to get adjusted to the work ethic. To this day, I attribute my success to the faculty relationships established while at MCAD. They’re mentors, as well as friends, and they’re motivated to help you get where you want to go.


Thursday, May 3, 2012 - 13:56