Julie Sirek
BFA in Print Paper Book
Visual Artist

Julie Sirek spent her senior year planning what she was going to do after graduation. She became involved with a local arts organization, the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts (MCBA), where she became a part of the book arts community. While still a senior, Sirek won a fellowship at MCBA.

In addition to the fellowship, Sirek also had an internship at the papermaking studio Cave Paper her senior year, which led her to a teaching assistant position at Haystack School of Crafts the summer after graduation. There, she met and worked with world-renowned artists, many of whom she stays in contact with today.

That summer changed everything for Sirek. It instilled in her the idea that she had to keep planning, working, and learning on a daily basis. Sirek's experiences exposed her to new techniques, particularly, joomchi, which has become her primary medium. Planning, working, and education are an ongoing process for Sirek. The more she does, the better she becomes at her craft. What she learned at MCAD was only the beginning.

"Graduating can be intimidating and often the same question is going through many graduates' minds as they walk across the stage. Now what do I do? The best advice I can give is to develop a plan before graduation and hit the ground running."

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