Laura Fulk
BFA in Fine Arts Studio
Professional Fine Artist and Fashion Designer


Fulk is an American fashion designer and artist who majored in fine arts studio at MCAD. Her acclaimed apparel has won multiple national awards from Goldstein Museum of Design, Artwear Midwest, Niche magazine, ArtBistro, and Minnesota Historical Society. Fulk’s creations were curated as permanent collections at Goldstein Museum of Design and Minnesota Historical Society, displayed alongside work from Christian Dior. Fulk currently designs and produces women’s ready-to-wear under the Laura Fulk label, as well as bespoke menswear and rock band attire. In 2008, the Minneapolis Star Tribune called Fulk “possibly the best show-woman in town.”

Why did you choose MCAD?

I was looking for an accredited arts school in the Midwest with 24-hour facilities, small class sizes and a printmaking and sculpture studio . . . I was dying to weld and pour metal.

What experience at MCAD helped you find the career or place you are in today?

There are so many skills I took from MCAD that I use daily, from time management to creative problem solving to conceptual thinking to hundreds of technical skills, along with how to be an arts professional with exquisite presentation skills.

Is there a message, story, or idea that you would like to share with prospective MCAD students?

To never give up. Take on every opportunity and never say no. Learning to balance a lot as a student and getting yourself out there is the best time to make mistakes, learn, and make valuable connections. I am constantly working with MCAD alumni and couldn't do what I do with out them!