Mike Jakab
BFA in Graphic Design
Designer at Motorola Mobility


I live in Oakland, California, and work at Motorola Mobility. As the director of design language, I’m responsible for the visuals, transitions, typography, and patterns seen in the software on Motorola’s phones, tablets, and other devices.

Before applying to college, I received a lot of information from various art and design schools. And MCAD stood out because of the twenty-four-hour accessibility of its labs and the aggressiveness with which the college adopts new technologies. Among my high school friends, everyone knew that it was the place to go for Internet-savvy work.

The experience that I’ve had since graduating, both as a graduate school student at Yale University and as an instructor at other art and design colleges, has given me a greater appreciation of my time at MCAD. It prepared me for professional work, and the diversity of the curriculum—it was like a playground for art—made me into a well-rounded artist, ready for a broad spectrum of challenges and opportunities.