Nicholas Dahl
BSc in Visualization
Digital Producer

Since graduating from MCAD, Nicholas Dahl has kept busy working in the digital space and helping to craft unique online experience for a slew of clients. He has partnered with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, and he even dabbled in the arts and music scene for a few years.

After filling the title of lead digital producer at a small boutique mobile shop in Minneapolis, Dahl’s travels, experience, and work led him to a new role at Periscope, a larger independent agency in Minneapolis.

At Periscope, Dahl manages innovative digital marketing projects for clients. He is involved in research and planning, strategic development, UX testing, information design, concept and content development, and much more.

Dahl also continues to keep in close contact with the MCAD community as a member of the Alumni Board.

"I joined the MCAD Alumni Board with the hope of fostering the thinkers, doers, and minds of tomorrow’s students."

When he is not helping clients find their place in the digital realm and planning events for MCAD alumni, Dahl likes to get outdoors as much as he can. He spends plenty of time biking, climbing, camping, traveling, and enjoying all that Minneapolis has to offer.