Taylor Baldry
BSc in Visualization
Freelance Artist and Designer

Taylor Baldry is a brainstormer, artist-designer, and large-nosed person. He values meaningful relationships and strives to craft experiences that are accessible, entertaining, participatory, and promote interaction and community involvement.

After graduating from MCAD, Baldry was hired as a designer and animator for a boutique marketing agency in Minneapolis. In 2009, he moved to Ota, Japan, where he taught English and ate a lot of rice. Two years later, Baldry returned to Minneapolis and—guided by a need for meaningful, face-to-face conversations in the digital age—founded the Conversationalist Project.

Baldry is the creator of the Feminine/Masculine Books series that teaches readers the gender articles of the Romance languages. He is also co-founder of Grown-Up Club (an event series for wayward adults) and an "oatmeal model."

Baldry lives in Minneapolis with his house plants. 

"MCAD gave me the skills, connections, and values to become an engaged creative. There is so much pressure after graduation to find 'the one job' but if there isn't a job out there that you find fulfilling, just make one."

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