Zach Keenan
BFA in Graphic Design
Graphic Designer


For American Public Media, I lead a team of writers, designers, and production artists in developing a wide variety of creative assets—album covers, live event pieces, videos, advertising, and other promotional materials.

I fell in love with Minneapolis before I fell in love with MCAD. My family is from Detroit, and I really like living in the Midwest. When I started looking for art schools, I learned that many of the key people in the Twin Cities arts community had come through MCAD. It seemed like a very tight network of folks making really great things.

A large part of my creative process today is shaped by the things I discovered at MCAD. Instructors had a way setting off sparks in my brain that still burn today. But the most significant influence continues to be the students I went through the experience with—an incredibly talented cohort of artists and designers. As students, we worked late into the nights in the studio spaces, apartments, and coffee shops. Today, we’re still a tight-knit community.