Straightforward citizenship drives Paul Shambroom to make pictures about complex social topics.

Bubley's images are honest, intimate, and memorable; she liked to disappear behind her camera.

Author and Illustrator of Millions of Cats the oldest American picture book still in print.

Nikki Will

Based in San Francisco, Will has directed projects for clients including Target, Compaq, Chimay, and Nordstrom.

Will Dinski, Ablatio Penis

In 2009, Dinski was acknowledged for his work with the Isotope Award for “Excellence in Mini-Comics.”

Keetra Dean Dixon ’99 is a New York–based designer and artist working under the handle FromKeetra.

Anderson is a two-time Emmy winning director and editor of the title sequences of Dexter and Six Feet Under.

Fulk is an American fashion designer and artist who majored in fine arts studio at MCAD. In 2008, the Minneapolis Star Tribune named Fulk “possibly the best show-woman in town.”

Based in Los Angeles, Vickerman is an independent animator and storyboard artist. Her work includes Yo Gabba Gabba and the film Super.

Oates is a pioneer of laser-cut furniture designs that transform from wall-mounted visual art to functional three-dimensional forms.

Based in Brooklyn, Fischer salvages material from abandoned buildings and junkyards and reconfigures them into large-scale sculptural environments.